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The world’s first Earthship veterinary clinic was completed in 2022! Thank you to all involved!

Background Information:
For a long time there has been a need for a year-round fully functional veterinary clinic in the Pueblo of Zuni to take care and reduce the number of stray animals, eliminate diseases through vaccines such as rabies that can have an effect on the human population, and ensure a peaceful relationship between human and animal.

The solution:
A fully self-sustainable Earthship that will drastically reduce utility bills and provide natural heating, cooling, water and electricity is the perfect solution for the resident doctors and the community and will showcase how a fully off-grid building can be as comfortable and sophisticated as a conventional clinic building.

What has been done: 
In June 2018, the first phase of the construction of the new Self Sustaining Veterinary Clinic took place. During three weeks, an amazing group of volunteers, crew and local participants worked hard to construct the main structure of the Earthship, pounding over 600 tires, framing up the roof and greenhouse structure, installing ventilation tubes and rain water catchment system, finishing the roof and burying the building and much more. We are incredibly thankful for the work that was done and the support received from all individuals and organizations involved. Subsequently, various other phases were done and as of 2022, the veterinary clinic is now complete!

Donations are still being received to be able to do maintenance work on the Earthship.

Here is a summary by one of our Board members and active participants John Walker:

“During the initial build, Harry conducted class midday on weekdays for an hour for local and Earthship Biotecture (EB) volunteers. The first thing he requested was a white board, and used it extensively during his presentations. The classroom was our cozy sheep shed for three weeks.

In addition, there were the Zuni High school Sustainable studies classes I conducted for three and a half semesters on Fridays. The principle, Mr. Sparks, said it was the most successful project he had seen. 20 to 40 kids learned sustainable theory and Earthship building skills. The school even bought tools. There was a lesson plan each week coordinated with Mrs. Smith, a long-time Earthship follower, and on bad weather days, we would meet at the high school and conduct class using EB materials. In addition to the 2018 school year, we had weekly updates on the project to my wife’s 4th-grade class through a 4th-grade representative. On the second EB hit, Phill led the kids to fill the planter and work on the retaining tire wall. We also held two successful day adult sessions for locals since 2018.”


Share and fundraise!
If you cannot donate yourself, please help us by sharing the information about this project with those who can!

For questions about this project please email info@biotectureplanetearth.com.

Zuni Environmental Protection Program (ZEPP)
The New Mexico Environment Department
Native American Veterinary Services
KRQE for media coverage
Earthship Biotecture and its crew
BPE crew and Board members
All generous individual donors and groups…

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