What We Do

About Us

Biotecture Planet Earth is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Contributions to Biotecture Planet Earth are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.                               Biotecture Planet Earth’s tax identification number is 46-4120704.

Our Mission

The purpose for which the organization is formed is for expanding the use of affordable, sustainable buildings and homes throughout the world and for educating the public about the architecture, construction and maintenance of those buildings and homes.

Our programs and projects include:

Educating the public in the form of web sites, e-Books, printed materials, workshops, lectures, and videos.

Building community centers, schools and homes using local materials and  sustainable living methods.

Teaching people in disaster areas how to use sustainable living structures  to rebuild their communities.

Researching and developing new materials and educational techniques for affordable, sustainable buildings and homes.

The Team

Adam Baisley – President
Adam Kirby Baisley is a former Earthship Biotecture Academy student with a BA in Business Administration / Fine Arts from Northern Vermont University at Johnson. As a former published competitive snowboard photographer and abstract artist with a strong interest in social justice, environmental preservation and self sustainability, he has worked in a variety of industries in administrative capacities and spent the last 20 years living across the country chasing the snow before falling in love with Taos and making it his home, where he now lives with his two Belgian Malinois Bula & Chaka.

John E Walker II –  VicePresident
John E Walker II Born and raised in Albuquerque and fortunate to experience the great outdoors with a father who shared his love for the sacred and the mystical, I grew up knowing nature provides us with everything we need. My wife Deborah joined me here in 1989 giving birth to my second son in 1990. A retired school teacher and currently a massage therapist she shares my interest in sustainability. Both our sons JohnRobert and Luke enjoy wilderness adventures and are excellent outdoorsmen. It is only fitting I combine my love of nature with sustainable building as we embark on my post retirement career as a Encore fellow for Biotecture Planet Earth. Deborah and I also share our home in the Albuquerque NE Heights with Zoe the dog. We are currently planning and working towards our future Earthship on our property near Fence Lake New Mexico.

(Currently vacant) – Secretary 

Chris Pieper – Director
Chris Pieper received his B.S. from the University California at Berkeley in conservation education. After graduating, he taught science and environmental education at Sacred Heart Schools in Palo Alto California. In 1998, Chris moved to Taos with his wife Elana and taught Earth Science at Taos High School. Chris and Elana have raised two children in Taos. He and his wife currently own and operate an outdoor gear and clothing store in Taos called Mudd n Flood. Chris enjoys gardening, hiking and skiing with his family . “I support the mission of Earthship Biotecture because it serves a critical need in our community and the world – building affordable, earth-friendly and beautiful structures for families and community spaces.”

Alix Henry – Director
Alix is a licensed architect practicing in Taos, NM (henryarchitectstaos.com), and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Webster University where she teaches two classes Living On/ Off the Grid and Global Ecologies and Sustainable Living. She has dedicated her architectural practice to principles of sustainability; and worked for 6 years with Solar Survival Architecture (predecessor to Earthship Biotecture) where she was an architectural intern, builder and manager of earthship rentals. She lives with her husband and two kids in an earthship that she built in the Greater World Community. They have lived there since 1998.


Nicole Leduc
Nicole is the Clerk of the Greater World Land Users Association and lives with her husband Zac Helmberger in the earthship they helped build in 2004. She brings thirty-five years of experience in the high tech corporate world as Manager and Director. Nicole was previously on the Board of OUR Ecovillage in BC and has worked with other non-profits in Taos, NM. She has a MS in Communications and is trained as a usability specialist.

Amy Duke
Amy was born and raised in Aurora, Illinois. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Stanford University. She played volleyball professionally in Europe and for the US National Team.

Amy has been working for Earthship Biotecture since 1999 and is currently the business manager of the company.
She lives in an Earthship in the Greater World Earthship Community that she built with her husband, Tom Duke. They have 2 children.

Peter Kolshorn
Peter was trained in architecture school at the University of Cincinnati and has been building and designing earthships and sustainable buildings throughout the past 30 years in Taos, NM. He is one of the founders of Taos Mesa Brewing.

Judy Ann Sutton
My work as a health care provider has seen work in the Emergency Room, a rural clinic, working for the Army in Germany, working for Peace Corps in Uzbekistan and for the Department of State in Madagascar, Kenya, Japan, Afghanistan, Belgium, Libya, Wash, DC, and Nicaragua. I was in charge of budget, supervision of staff, and community building. I have lived in an Earthship for 4 years and host a weekly craft group for community members.

Deborah Binder
Originally from the Canary Islands, Spain, Deborah has lived and worked in six different continents and speaks three languages fluently. She has a higher degree in International Marketing and Public Relations and has extensive experience in Project Management, Fundraising and Public Relations all over the world. Her passion lies in self-sustainable living and technologies and bringing this knowledge to those who need it the most in this world.

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