Haiti Earthship School


The Haiti Earthship School project was born from a partnership with Greater Good International, a registered non-profit organization that has been working hard to bring education to Haitian children since 2010, and Earthship Biotecture.

Kelly Kobza from Greater Good International first started an education program in Haiti in 2011, teaching over 30 children and providing one meal per day for them, without any real classrooms. Since then, the school has been needing new classrooms to be able to expand the program further and make a difference in the future of these children and their families.
Biotecture Planet Earth has partnered with Greater Good International and Earthship Biotecture to build a new Earthship school.

It was planned to build four classrooms with toilets and showers, creating a fully autonomous school that

– uses garbage for insulating and building
– keeps cool even when it is hot outside
– captures and filters rain water for washing and drinking
– uses solar energy for electricity
– treats waste water in a contained and environmentally friendly way
– grows fruit and vegetables for the children to eat

…and teaching locals and students alike about it.

For more information on how to donate or participate, please refer to Greater Good International.

Thank you to everybody that has been involved!




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