Donate or Sign Up – Zuni Earthship

For a long time there has been a need for a year-round fully functional veterinary clinic in the Pueblo of Zuni to take care and reduce the number of stray animals, eliminate diseases through vaccines such as rabies that can have an effect on the human population, and ensure a peaceful relationship between human and animal.

The solution:
A fully self-sustainable Earthship that will drastically reduce utility bills and provide natural heating, cooling, water and electricity is the perfect solution for the resident doctors and the community and will showcase how a fully off-grid building can be as comfortable and sophisticated as a conventional clinic building.

This project has been started and we are looking at continuing it from May 16-28 2022. We are looking at 10 volunteers to join us and donations. Please donate if you can or share this information. Any small donation helps.

Also use the above form to pay your participation fee for this project. The signup fee is $325. This amount will go straight to making this project happen. Accommodation is shared at $100 / week.

If you are donating on behalf of a volunteer, please do not forget to write their name in the NOTES section. Thank you!

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