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Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.32.41Biotecture Planet Earth, in conjunction with Earthship Biotecture, is partnering with Cuore Attivo and Campus CreaVista to build an Earthship for young teachers who will take life-improving sustainable technologies to schools in some of the economically poorest valleys of Nepal.

From 16th November to 06th December 2017, Michael Reynolds’ experienced Earthship crew and a number of volunteers and local workers will be initiating the build of an education center for up to 16 young women who will learn sustainable technologies in order to then carry and spread that knowledge throughout remote schools in Nepal.

The Earthship will expose the students to life-improving sustainable technologies that they will help spread to villages throughout the Makalu Valley. As teachers, they will play a key organizational role in educating their communities about the benefits of implementing simple sustainable technologies which will include: self contained toilets; water harvesting; offgrid power generation; the possibilities of building with reused materials; food production and the use of a biodigester for producing methane for cooking.

The goal is to increase quality of life in terms of resilience, security and liberty and to avoid fragility and dependence on economic and political systems that can change without notice.

The building to be constructed will
– be built with natural and repurposed materials
– use thermal/solar heating and cooling
– generate solar electricity
– harvest and store water
– have its own contained sewage treatment system
– produce food
– be earthquake resistant

How to get involved:
Donate: This project is fully funded through donations and volunteer participation fees. The more donations we receive, the further we will be able to take the construction of the building. All donations are tax deductable in the United States and will go directly to production costs for this project. To donate please click on the link below.

DonateNepalButton – Participate: You can be a part of the Earthship Nepal project! Help us build this school and learn from Michael Reynold’s Earthship Biotecture crew on a ground up build! We are looking for 50 volunteers to join us, no experience or fitness levels needed.

The building session will take place from 16 November to 6 December 2017 in Khandbari, Nepal. Due to internal domestic travel times, international flights should arrive in Kathmandu no later than 14 November and fly out no earlier than 08 December.

In order to be a part of this project, you will need to pay a one-time volunteer participation fee of USD $1,400 (new reduced price!). This project is entirely funded by donations and volunteer participation fees, so you are making this project come to life.

The volunteer participation fee includes:
– all learning and training from Earthship crew members, including Q&A sessions, theory sessions, practice lessons, and a handbook on Earthship construction.
– all meals and drinking water (three meals a day plus tea).
– a camping spot on site as well as showers and toilets.

The volunteer participation fee does NOT include:
– international flights to Nepal.
– domestic transfers to site (although we are working with a local travel agent to be able to assist you with the best deals).
– visa and vaccination costs.
– camping gear.
– personal tools.

How to sign up to participate:

1. Send us an email to info@biotectureplanetearth.com with your personal details, background and reasons for signing up.
2. Pay the volunteer participation fee.
Click here to pay via paypal or using a credit card or debit card (a 5% transaction fee will be added).
Click here to pay via transferwise with a direct transfer from your bank (for international transfers only).
– Make a bank transfer (for US based payments). Our bank is Nusenda Credit Union. Our account number is 43142013. Our routing number is 307083665. The name on the account is Biotecture Planet Earth.
– If you are US based, you can also mail as a check. Our mailing address is:
Biotecture Planet Earth
P.O. Box 386
El Prado, NM 87529

We will send you a confirmation email and a registration form to confirm your payment and officially sign you up for this project. Note: This project can count as a field study for Earthship Academy students but will still require participants to pay the participation fee. No scholarships are available at this time.

For more information please visit our Q&A site or email info@biotectureplanetearth.com.

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