Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Community Center

We are planning an Earthship Maintenance Workshop at the Puerto Rico Earthship in May 2024!
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In September 2017, Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis on the island of Puerto Rico. Since then, Biotecture Planet Earth has been finding ways of supporting a demonstration project of a sustainable and hurricane resistant Earthship in Puerto Rico, with no government or corporate support.

The finished building is a community center led by the local non-profit organization Tainasoy Apiario and features various rooms for events and for visitors to experience the Earthship. In times of disaster, the center will be used as shelter and as a base for disaster relief operations, providing solar power, water, and other basic necessities.

We have now completed seven phases of this ongoing project of constructing five Earthship structures with over 250 international and local volunteers. There is still some ongoing maintenance work that has to be done. This project is only possible because of the donations and support of a large amount of individuals and organizations. Thank you!

Earthships create self-reliance and independence by integrating six basic principles and the aim is to train locals in Puerto Rico to be able to build these houses themselves and in a cost-effective way. Earthships have been built on an international basis for over 45 years by Earthship Biotecture, making the organization a pioneer in the world of self-sustainable home construction.