We are going back to Puerto Rico!


  1. Is anyone at the PR project now? March 1st, 2019? I’d love to visit AND volunteer. I am planning to volunteer at the Pangea earthship building project in Myakka FL in May. I have a 92 acre ‘ecovillage’ project going now near Gainesville, Called Gaia Grove, but want to ‘pass the torch’ (ie: sell it to like minded eco-community folks) and buy a cave home / retreat center in Granada Spain and want to make if off grid and use tires and other recycled materials for the front and sides of the cave home. I’d really like to connect with you all. I am taking a trip with my flight attendant friend this Sat-Wed.. and we’d liek to either see the Earthships building and community in Taos or go see and talk with someone in Puerto Rico. My # is 352 519 4909. Please contact me asap Tahnks you so much!!!

  2. Hello !
    I’m confused about the location of the site. Is it Puerto Rico In Colombia or in the Caribbean islands ? Because I’m looking on the internet for a flight and I don’t know wich airport do I have to choose.
    Thank you for your time and kind regards

  3. Is it possible to volunteer for only 1 week? That is the only amount of time that we would have.

  4. Hi Myriam! The airport is San Juan Puerto Rico, the airport code is SJU. I hope this helps! šŸ™‚

  5. Hi Dianne, volunteering for only one week is not ideal but we can accommodate it in special circumstances. Please email us at info@biotectureplanetearth.com with the details and we will get back to you! Warm regards!

  6. Will you be going back in 2020?

  7. Hello my name is Ken Bengtson and my wife and I bought a home last year in Luquillo ! I have around 40 years of construction experience! My wife has family there and every since I started going there but now more than ever I thought it would be awesome to help rebuild wherever I could help ! Unfortunately I just now stumbled on one of your video on Netflix today Aug 26 – 2019 the day before we head to Puerto Rico for a few weeks! Iā€™m wondering if there will be another opportunity to take part in one of your buildings in the near future? Please let me know I would love to do whatever I can to help ? Awesome work you are doing all over the world! Much Love and Many Blessings

  8. It is now September 2019-is it still possible to volunteer to work and learn in Puerto Rico this coming February? What is the time frame of the volunteer commitment? Please send all details including costs in your return email. Thanks!!-Judith

  9. Hi Judith,
    I emailed you with some more information šŸ™‚
    Please let me know if that helps, would be great if you could join us!
    Warm regards

  10. Dear Ken,
    I will email you more information about our next project, we will be going back to Puerto Rico in February!
    Warm regards

  11. Dear Holly,
    Please check out our website: https://www.biotectureplanetearth.org/puerto-rico-phase-5/
    We will be going back in February!
    Warm regards

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