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The next phase of the Haiti Earthship School project will take place October 18 – November 12, 2021, and will be located on the small island of La Gonave. This is a one, two or four week program which will enable participants to learn how to build a tropical Earthship from experienced instructors while building a much needed primary school for local children.

There is a tuition fee required to attend this program, which goes back to the production of the project and is also going towards sponsoring local adults to join us and learn how to build Earthships, as knowledge transfer and education is one of our main missions.

How to sign up:

1 Register for the program clicking the link below:

2 Pay your tuition fee. This amount will go straight to making this project happen. Costs below.

$1200: 4 week program – entire Field Study
$750: 2 weeks – any two weeks of the four week program
$400: 1 week – any week of the four week program

Costs for Returning Earthship Haiti volunteers from previous phases:
$800: 4 weeks
$500: 2 weeks
$300: 1 week

Costs for Volunteers from other previous BPE projects and 2020/2021 Academy students:
$1000: 4 weeks
$750: 2 weeks
$400: 1 week

Remember that you can also ask your friends and family to donate towards your participation fee! To do so, just click on the Donate button below, share that link with them and ask them to write your name in the Comments section. Easy!



If you prefer to send us a check please mail your check to:
Biotecture Planet Earth, P.O. Box 386
El Prado, New Mexico, 87529 USA

Contact if you need an invoice or if you have any questions.

3 Receive a confirmation email from our staff!

You are all set and you can start booking your flights to Haiti!



What can I expect?
The Earthship program offers extensive training in Earthship design principles, construction methods, and philosophy. The workshop features a mix of hands-on training on the construction site as well as some lectures and Q&A sessions in place. This session counts as an Earthship FIELD STUDY as one of the steps towards the Earthship Academy graduation.
This is a hands-on project, please come prepared. Some tasks include but are not limited to:
Building with natural and recycled materials (tire pounding, bottle brick walls, etc)
Concrete work
Plumbing and solar electrical systems
Acquiring the materials used to build (beach clean-ups, etc)
… and much more, all of this surrounded by an expert construction crew and a group of likeminded people!

The crew:
Biotecture Planet Earth works with Earthship construction experts to ensure that participants receive the most out of their experience, both students as well as local participants. The final number of teachers will depend on how many students we have but the crew will be lead by Phil Basehart, who has 30 years of experience with Earthships.

Once you have registered for this project, you will receive a full information pack with logistical information, including what to bring etc. Here is an outline only:

Location: The project is located in Anse-a-Galets, on the island of La Gonave, off the coast of the main island of Haiti.

Transport: You will be responsible for your own travel costs and itineraries to and from La Gonave, Haiti! We will assist you as best as possible with the logistics, as well as keeping costs of travel in Haiti as low as possible for all.

Please plan to arrive on October 16 before 12PM (noon) in PortAuPrince and depart on Saturday November 12 after 12PM (noon) from PortAuPrince so that we can travel as a group to and from La Gonave and save on cost. We will help arrange this transfer and keep the cost down as much as possible (between $100-$150 round trip per person).

Accommodation: By signing up to this project you will receive a free camping spot on site. There is also a hotel nearby if you prefer that we can recommend. Contact us for more info on this.

Schedule: We will be working from 8AM to 4:30PM every day, with the exact schedule to be confirmed once we arrive. There will be a lunch break and plenty of time after the work day to enjoy the beauty and activities of the island (snorkeling, hiking, etc).

Lunch will be INCLUDED in the cost of the program and will encompass a basic vegetarian as well as an meat option. Expect beans and rice with vegetables or similar. Please bring your own food if you have any further dietary needs.

More logistical information will be shared once you sign up, if you do have any specific questions please email

All participants will have to present COVID test results that are a week old at the most.
In case of testing positive or not being able to attend because of travel restrictions, your fee will automatically be assigned as credit for a project you will be able to attend in the future.
If needed, you can inform us straight away and we will reimburse 95% of your sign-up fee. The remaining 5% will be used to cover admin expenses.
We will have sanitary and hygienic measures in place on site to lower the risk of COVID as much as possible. We will ask every participant to comply with these measures. We have a zero tolerance policy on our jobsites, anybody not complying will be asked to leave.

We need your help! This project is exclusively funded by the generous donations of individuals and volunteers just like yourself! Please donate to help us make a difference! (All donations are tax deductible).

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