Earthship Refugee Project

“If all the soldiers
in all the armies
in all the world
put down their weapons
and picked up tools
and started building sustainable/carbon zero housing
for all the people of the world
our problems would be over
and real life for all people
would begin.”

-Michael Reynolds


We recognize the current and pressing nature of the global refugee crisis. This is not a localized one-time crisis, there are refugees all over the world and we think we can find a solution to provide knowledge and housing to all of them.

We are partnering with Earthship Biotecture and proposing/planning a small city prototype that is the campus of an International Earthship Academy that teaches refugees how to build a city for themselves while at the same time demonstrating to the world a sustainable approach to living that uses no infrastructure and no fuel. We all know this is possible. The Earthship concept and the Earthship Army are now powerful and experienced enough to do this.

We are looking for further building sites of 500-1000 acres in size, corporate sponsorship, materials donations, university and NGO partnerships and we are open to any suggestions that could help further this endeavor.

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