Questions and Answers – Earthship Nepal

  1. What are the dates for the project?
    The project starts on 16 November and the last day will be 06 December.
  2. When should I travel?
    We recommend arriving in Kathmandu on 14 November and fly out of Kathmandu on 08 December to allow enough time for domestic travel and rest.
  3. Where is the build located?
    The location is in the Khandbari region, the closest airport is Tumlingtar.
  4. Where and when do we have to meet?
    Meeting point will be Tumlingtar on 15 November for all PAID participants (please note that if you show up without prior payment and registration, you will be asked to leave).
  5. How do I get to the meeting point from Kathmandu and can you assist with domestic travel?
    There are domestic flights from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar with Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines as well as ground transportation.
    Through our local counterparts and a local travel agency, we are able to offer a complete package for USD $369 (single room) or USD $352 (double room) to arrange domestic travel. This is on top of the participation fee and includes:
    – all hotel-airport transfers (4 total)
    – 2 hotel nights at a decent hotel (14 November and 07 December)
    – 2 domestic flights (Kathmandu-Tumlingtar, Tumlingtar-Kathmandu)
    If you would like more information or to buy this package, please contact
  6. Do I need to get a visa to travel to Nepal?
    For most nationalities, it is a visa upon arrival. It costs around USD $25-40. You might want to google the specific information for your nationality though to make sure it applies. Please bring 2 passport photos and your flight out of Nepal printed on paper.
  7. What kind of vaccines do I need to take to go to Nepal?
    Please check out and/or check with your local doctor. For Nepal you really just need your routine vaccinations being up to date and depending on your particular case, maybe Typhoid and Hepatitis A.
  8. What is the weather like in the region in November?
    The average temperatures are between 17 and 21 degrees celsius with usually very little rain.
  9. What are the accommodation options?
    Accommodation will be camping and you will be responsible to bring your own camping gear. You can rent a tent locally for USD $43 for the entire duration of the project. Basic toilets and wash water will be available.
  10. What is the food like that will be served?
    There will be three meals and drinking water, tea and coffee included in the price. Food will  be basic mostly local food and mainly vegetarian.
  11. Can I get internet on site?
    There is wifi in the nearby office for emergencies. There is good cell reception in the area so you can bring an unlocked phone and buy a local sim card (10GB for approx USD $27) to use the internet on your phone or computer.
  12. What is your cancellation policy?
    The volunteer participation fee is NOT REFUNDABLE, nevertheless, in case of having to cancel, the full amount of the fee will be credited to you to be used on any other Earthship project (internship, Academy or international build) in the future.

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