Water from the SKY

There are many locations around the globe where the lack of potable, clean water is becoming and issue:

– Flint, Michigan and its contaminated water
– Standing Rock and the risk of water contamination by fuel pipelines
– Droughts all around the planet, including the state of California

This situation is already bad and is only getting worse, to the point where in the future it will become INTOLERABLE.

By partnering with Earthship Biotecture, a sustainable development company with over 40 years of experience in water catchment, we are proposing the following steps to help this situation TODAY:

We can take action immediately with the following steps, no matter if it is in Flint, Standing Rock or other affected areas with a need for clean water:

  • The affected inhabitants can gather water from snow and rain. That can be achieved by getting 55 gallon drums  and 5 gallon buckets and filling them with the gathered water inside their home. This water could be collected from your gutter, rooftop, etc.. and used for drinking, bathing and doing dishes.
  • For potable water, there are two major options: katadyn filters and sand filters. Katadyn filters are the commercial solution whereas the sand filters are a DIY approach that we recommend, for durability, cost, and easy maintenance.
  • The government could provide support by subsidizing the storage containers and the filters, making them available for everyone. This will save a lot of money since it is an immediate solution that does not require new infrastructure.

Long term solutions include:

  • Getting land donated and permission to start building Earthships and introducing the 6 principles
  • Retrofit the existing buildings to make them catch water from the sky and energy from the sun and the wind

We are currently looking for land in the Standing Rock area to build an Earthship to showcase water catchment techniques and teach inhabitants and participants how they can be fully sustainable using only water from the sky and create independence from any corporate or government decisions.

Please contact us with any leads that could help bring this project alive!

Earthship Water Catchment by Michael Reynolds

Earthship Water Catchment by Michael Reynolds

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