Past Project – Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

Nepal Earthship
Biotecture Planet Earth is getting ready for its next project, the Nepal Earthquake Relief Project.On 25 April 2015, an earthquake of a magnitude of 8.1 struck the country of Nepal with a number of aftershocks happening in the following weeks. This resulted in the death of about 9,000 people and made hundreds of thousands of people homeless and displaced in the country of Nepal.

The objective of this project is to build a replicable structure that is earthquake resistant, giving access to local organizations, individuals and groups to learn how to build these structures and replicate them with their own resources and local knowledge where it is needed the most. Earthships are structures that provide warm, earthquake resistant and affordable housing for everyone.

Our proposal is to build a one room structure that

  • provides comfortable shelter that stays warm in winter without any electricity
  • is earthquake resistant
  • easy to replicate
  • catches and collects rainwater
  • incorporates a small solar system for basic electricity and light

The build would last for approximately two weeks and the building would be close to completion when we leave. The build will be led by Michael Reynolds plus five experienced Earthship instructors to make sure participants get the most learning from it, would complete the Earthship crew.

We would invite 30 international volunteers to participate, each one of them paying a student fee donation which would finance production, material and tools for the build. This project would not be possible without the financing from these student fee donations.

We would invite 10 local volunteers to participate to learn how to build and later be able to replicate what was learned.

What we need:
We are currently finalizing the search for land in Nepal. We need a piece of flat land that is 7x15meters (21 x 45 ft) with the wider side facing North/South and without any big buildings on the South end of it (to get the most solar gain). Of course we would need the permitting needed to build on that land. We would like this land to be in an area affected by earthquakes. The building itself could be used as shelter for a family, a community building, a school, a training center, etc. If you have any information on suitable land, please email

We need your help to make this project happen! Please contact us if you would like to support this project with any of the above needs. Thank you!


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